CAMPus Life

Campus Life at Carson Valley Children’s Aid begins on our tree lined campus in Flourtown. Boys and girls ages 12 to 19 come to our campus for many reasons. Children find a serene campus that offers an opportunity to learn, heal and grow.  

Our historic Flourtown campus provides opportunities to children whose needs include behavioral support, group and individual therapy, educational support, and a wide range of social and life skills supports. Each child receives individual attention to their strengths and needs and an individual Life Plan is developed. Children and families actively participate in designing and working through their Life Plan in order to achieve permanency by being reunited with family members engaged in supporting community based programs.

Carson Valley Children's Aid takes great pride in its work with children and families. Campus Life works as part of a larger array of services provided under Carson Valley Children’s Aid's umbrella that affords children and families the opportunity to move between support services that are appropriate at that moment of their lives for learning, healing and growing. Working with other CVCA programs, we feel that we are able to provide the premier experience for children and families in need of supports within the region. We welcome you to visit and watch us heal, learn and grow!

Psychiatric Residential Treatment

The Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) at Carson Valley Children’s Aid provides psychiatric treatment and support to children and adolescents, ages 12-19.  Youth served have a demonstrated a history of serious mental illness complicated by aggression, suicidal behaviors, self-abusive behaviors and other behaviors that required intensive levels of care, such as inpatient and residential treatment.  PRTF services are provided to youth referred through the behavioral health system in an effort to assist them in improving and maintaining their level of functioning while developing the skills to move towards permanency or other less restrictive options.  All referrals to the RTF will meet medical necessity and have a DSM IV primary diagnosis on Axis I.

Cottage Life for Dependent Children

The cottage life program at CVCA is a safe and stable community where youth in the child welfare system learn how to face and overcome behavioral, personal, and family challenges so that they may reunify with parents, return to community based living, and move towards successful independence. This program serves youth ages 12-19 who have been referred by county agencies and have struggled emotionally and behaviorally while living in a community setting.

Academic Services

CVCA provides a progressive education program that encourages and educates students who have experienced significant difficulties in a regular education setting. By providing non-traditional regular and special-education services to students in grades 6 -12th, CVCA delivers intensive, educational and therapeutic programs that enable youth to achieve successful community integration. An experiential education component is provided for older youth. This component coaches students to become self-sufficient and confident as they develop vocational and employability skills and work towards a successful transition to independence.

CVCA Day Treatment

Carson Valley School offers an extended day treatment program for youth who live in their own communities, yet are unsuccessful in their current education program and require behavioral intervention to assist them to be successful in and out of school. The day treatment program is offered from 7:45 am to 2:45 pm for boys and girls ages 14-19 grades 9-12. In addition to the traditional regular education and special education academic program CVCA provides structured behavioral management, skill building, enrichment experiences, and therapeutic groups. A court order is required for attendance.  Click here for our informational fact sheet.


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